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Fire System Issues?
Seattle Emergency Firewatch Has You Covered

A fire control panel with various buttons, wires, and a digital display.

Sprinkler system malfunctioning? Alarm issues triggering false calls? Construction creating fire hazards?

Your local Fire Department often requires immediate fire watch in these situations. That's where Seattle Emergency Firewatch comes in. Our certified fire watch professionals are ready for rapid deployment, ensuring you meet fire code requirements and protect your property.

Gain Peace of Mind

Ensure the safety of your occupants. Certified fire watch personnel provide early fire detection and response, crucial for buildings with residents or vulnerable populations. Rest assured knowing that qualified professionals are safeguarding your property, even during unexpected situations.

A nurse helping an elderly man in a wheelchair

You May Need Fire Watch If...

Sprinkler System Malfunction: If your sprinkler system is offline for repairs, testing, or due to a fault, fire watch ensures safety until it's restored.

Fire Alarm Issues: Frequent false alarms, system errors, or any problem that disrupts your fire alarm require fire watch for immediate response.

Construction or Renovation Projects: Activities like welding, use of flammable materials, or disabling fire systems for upgrades necessitate fire watch.

Fire Marshal Mandate: Even in situations not covered by strict rules, the Fire Marshal may require fire watch if they deem your property a risk.

A red fire alarm pull station mounted on a warehouse wall.

Your Responsibilities as a Property Owner

Building owners are responsible for ensuring that their building’s fire protection systems are tested at required intervals and maintained in good working order. They are also responsible for ensuring they have identified personnel who are available and trained to serve as fire watch in case of need.

When a fire protection system is out of service for any length of time, building owners must ensure several actions take place. These steps may be performed by the building owner, a designated impairment coordinator, or by a certified technician:

1. Notify the building manager, if applicable. 
2. Notify the alarm monitoring company.
3. Notify tenants in the areas of the building that are 
affected by the impairment, and provide an estimate 
of how long the systems are likely to be out of service.
4. Contact the repair company to fix the fire protection 
5. Notify the insurance carrier.
6. Implement a fire watch 

In addition, if a fire protection system is anticipated to be out of service for eight or more hours, building owners or impairment coordinators must also notify their local Fire Department.

Need fire watch fast? We offer same-day deployment and streamlined setup. Call us today!

The exterior of Seattle Fire Station 30, a red brick building with two garage doors.

Our Responsibilities as Fire Watch Personnel

Depending on Occupancy type, there are primarly two types of Fire Watch:

Dedicated Fire Watch

A dedicated fire watch is the most common type of fire watch required. This is a dedicated position serving as fire watch and not performing other duties. The dedicated fire watch must remain on duty and continuously patrol the areas of the building where the system is impaired, or the whole building if the fire alarm is impaired. 
A dedicated fire watch is required at all times day and night when a fire protection system is impaired in the building occupancy types:

  • Assembly occupancies (posted occ load > 50)

  • Hotels 

  • Apartments and congregate residences

  • Nursing homes

  • Hospitals 

  • Day treatment centers 

  • Health care facilities providing care which renders patients incapable of self preservation

  • Jails

  • Schools through the 12th grade 

  • Preschools 

  • Day care centers with 6+ children

 Fire Watch

Building occupants performing their regular duties, including construction workers, are acceptable in lieu of a dedicated fire watch in building with the following occupancy types:

  • Offices

  • Eating/drinking establishments (posted occ load < 50)

  • Stores accessible to the public

  • Occupancies with hazardous materials 

  • Moderate hazard factory

  • Industrial

  • Storage 

  • Utility & misc. occupancies

In this case, building occupants must be notified of the impairment and of their responsibility to call 9-1-1 in case of fire. These conditions are required during the times affected buildings are open for general occupancy, open to the public, or as otherwise required by the fire code official

Navigating the various Washington State Fire Watch regulations can be overwhelming, especially when your systems are down.  Seattle Emergency Firewatch simplifies the process, providing the dedicated, certified professionals you need to ensure 24/7 safety and full compliance. We'll tailor the fire watch solution to your building's specific requirements, allowing you to focus on resolving the underlying issue and protecting your property.


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